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“I am the Lord Who Heals You” – Exodus 15:26

Yunjeong Christine Choi L.Ac., Ph.D.

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What my customers say about LOHAS

I have never written a review before, but Dr. Choi’s work is so powerful, I feel strongly compelled to share my experience. Like a lot of other people, I came to acupuncture because all other Western methods had failed to treat my injuries at the source. I can happily say that the search is now over. What started out as treatment for multiple chronic sports injuries has evolved into a much more integrated, holistic improvement in health that I can FEEL with each treatment. After my first treatment, I immediately purchased 10 more treatments, and when those ended, I got 15 more, and now I’m bringing my daughter too. Dr. Choi is going to have to offer larger packages.

BTW, my most painful sports injury had completely disappeared by the 5th treatment. It quickly became a distant memory, as if someone else had that injury. At this point, my muscular injuries are no longer the main focus of my treatments. Dr. Choi is now applying a moxibustion treatment that goes deeper into the body and works in ways both obvious and not so obvious. The obvious? For starters I have shed a ridiculous amount of weight off of my midsection. The proof? I now have to wear a belt on all my shorts or they will slide down my legs. There are other improvements that are less objective and more subjective, but I know myself, and I know they come from Dr. Choi’s work.

Dr. Choi tells me that my attitude plays an important role in my treatment, and I have to believe her, because I’ve experienced nothing but success and improvement with her so far. But to be honest, I wasn’t expecting success when I first walked into her office. I simply went in with an open mind, and Dr. Choi very quickly delivered what I feel are nearly miraculous results, especially when compared to current western medical practices. Believe it or not, this is the short version of my testimony. Only Dr. Choi knows the full extent of my progress, and we’re both very excited about what future treatments hold for me and my daughter.

Art HsiehCustomer

I was referred to Dr. Christine by my friend and went there when I was struggling to recover after I had pneumonia last winter.  Even though pneumonia was cleared at that time, I was so weak and had no stamina that I was not ready to go back to a normal life.  She took much time with me and gave me acupuncture and a cupping treatment; I started feeling much better after the first treatment, which was amazing.  The treatments along with her herbal medicine helped me recover so quickly that I was able to go back to work after four treatments.

What is really special and great about Dr. Christine is not just that she is extremely caring but the depth of knowledge about natural healing.  She can find the root cause of a low immune system.

She pointed out my weak digestive system, which was causing the low immune system on the first day even though I didn’t mention anything about it my digestive system having chronic problems.

She tailored the treatments and advised me about diet and exercise based on my body type.  She added the moxibustion treatment to improve my digestive system.  I have been going there for 10 months and my health has improved so much.  Thanks to Dr. Christine. I’m much happier that I am living with good health!

Tami MosesCustomer

I have been going on/ off since 2011. I LOVE this place. Dr Christine is awesome and really cares. She takes her time, no rush to get you in and out. Fair prices. I go here whenever my back or sacral area is sore. She also treats menstrual cramp pain FYI and it works!

Maria SCustomer

I have the highest regard for Dr. Christine. Why?  I have had a highly resistant skin condition most all my life, and she has truly done the most for me of all the things I’ve tried (and there are many!).  Besides this significant progress, her personal integrity, and her concern and caring is genuine. I think it is obvious to anyone who enters her doors. She always goes the extra mile to understand your obstacles, work with you, encourage you, follow up, and assure your comfort along the way. Aside from being the special and wonderfully caring person she is, she gets results, being a practitioner who really knows her stuff about her field. I was referred to her, and am thankful I was.

Valerie HCustomer

I’m a physical therapist and myself and some colleagues have come to Lohas Healing Center and have received excellent care and service. Dr. Choi and Dr. Kim are truly kind and compassionate people. They are knowledgeable and empathetic. I have highly recommended my patients come to Lohas when I think Acupuncture treatment would help them and every singe patient I’ve sent to them have become better! It’s been a great adjunct to my treatment. Along with orthopedic issues, I think it’s interesting the doctors at Lohas also treat patients with neurologic issues (such as Parkinsons disease), male and female fertility issues and menopause. I would highly recommend them.

Mariam PCustomer

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